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Evangeline Gentle’s self-titled debut LP, produced by Jim Bryson (Kathleen Edwards, Oh Susanna) at his Stittsvile, Ontario studio Fixed Hinge and mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer Philip Shaw Bova (Bahamas, Feist), arrives internationally via Sonic Unyon Records on August 21, 2020. Featuring singles “Sundays”, “Ordinary People”, “So It Goes,” “The Strongest People Have Tender Hearts” and “Drop My Name”, the album is a powerful introduction to this Hamilton-based singer-songwriter.

“I was 19 when I started writing the album and 22 when I finished it — years that offered major coming-of-age experiences that began solidifying the principles I want to live guided by,” Gentle confesses. “The album’s overarching theme is the pursuit of open-heartedness. It’s driven by the belief that it takes extreme strength to be vulnerable but that the rewards of doing so are far greater than those of being closed-off in the name of self-preservation. That wasn’t intentional. Only when the album was finished did it dawn on me that this idea was the thread stitching these songs together.”


Out Now!

In anticipation of the vinyl release of their self-titled full-length album, Evangeline Gentle has announced the release of You And I, out today, May 22, 2020, on Sonic Unyon Records, a two-track single that serves as an introduction to the emotional warmth and dynamic power of this emerging singer-songwriter, as well as a mirror held up to humanity’s unique historical moment.

“‘You And I’ is the preludial a cappella opening song of my live show, and its message seeks to unite audiences with a sense of ‘sameness’,” says Gentle. “I believe that our deepest connections are found through vulnerability which is why I feel compelled to sing this track completely unaccompanied.” 

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